I am a sports loving mama who has been passionate about health, wellness and exercise my entire adult life. A perfect day for me looks like waking up at 6am, exercising, spending the day with my family, and a glass of wine & new show on before 8pm. (After 8 is waaaay too late for this proud self-proclaimed grandma).

I help women just like you that are sick and tired of starting over. If you are feeling lost, hopeless, guilty and defeated after you overeat, that is not lost on me. Through education, empowerment and my own signature method - I have transformed my relationship with food and exercise, and because of that? I’ve lost weight naturally and maintained it while eating my favorite foods, I radiate confidence no matter what I’ve eaten, and I love myself more than I ever have. Now I am here and going to show you the way.

Hi there, I’m Kelly!

& i'm so happy you’re here. 

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