It took me over 10 years to realize

In fact, dieting was exactly what started this mess.

When I stopped dieting, cut out the noise and became in tune with my body, my mind & my needs, my life forever changed.

I was no longer a slave to food.
I was no longer a slave to the scale.
I was no longer a slave to diet culture.

I was able to lose weight without stress, and maintain that weight with ease.

Sound too good to be true?
It isn’t. It’s just the opposite of what diet culture taught us.

Get your leggings on & cozy up. We got work to do.

dieting was not the answer.

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Graduated Montclair State University

B.A. Health and Physical Education, M.A. Exercise Science + Kinesiology

Started My Dieting Journey

Weight Watchers, South Beach, and Zone were my go-to’s

Started competing in CrossFit 

My love for exercise became next level, and my binge eating became worse.

Diets, diets & more diets

Sought out therapy and continued my yo-yo dieting of 40+ pounds

Married my main squeeze

Starved myself to fit into my wedding dress






Became normal around food

Got off the diet train + fired the conductor

Honeymooned for a month in Italy

Spent every second living + loving food

Had our baby boy, Matthew

One week after the world shut down, our world opened up.

Began my health coaching career

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

Helping you find food freedom

Doing what I do for women like you is truly the biggest dream I could imagine!

my journey

if you've come this far, you know

I used to think I was. I thought it was the only way. That's why these photos right here exist. Now that I am not dieting and using my method, I've found my normal, balanced, healthy weight. I want you to know that theres a different way. There's a chance to be normal around food for good. I'm ready to show you exactly how, you in?

i'm not a diet person

kelly lyons

ceo, health coach, head honcho, mama

If you’ve come this far, you are totally in the right place. I’m the unconventional health coach that has helped dozens of women change their mindset, stopped being obsessed with food, and become the most confident, radiant version of themselves. With my B.A. in Education, and my M.A. in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, I take my years of education and fitness experience to meet your needs, and teach you exactly what diet culture doesn’t want you to know: you can find your healthy weight by being normal. And I’m here to teach you how!

tj lyons


TJ is the Husband of 3+ years and the calm to my crazy. With his MBA, TJ has been my supportive shoulder for many of my administrative tasks. He also keeps me grounded when I excitedly freak out when my client’s have major successes. (Read, me jumping off the walls and dancing around like a maniac).

matthew lyons


okaaay basically, it's just me around here!

Born five weeks early and exactly 7 days after the world shut down, Matty surprised us like no other. He just wanted to see what this whole pandemic thing was about. While he doesn’t have his MBA just yet, he was the one of the main reasons why I began this business and followed my passion in health and helping others; to be a true role model and show that you can follow your dreams.

the klw team

Working with Kelly has completely reshaped my mind and my future. After 15+ years of yo-yo dieting, lack of confidence, and an unhealthy relationship between my mind and body, I decided to join Kelly’s program.

I have learned to love myself more and I’ve stopped bullying my body. I’ve stopped hating my body and started appreciating it and seeing the beauty in it. I have learned to speak positively to myself and in turn I’m treating myself better, eating better, feeling 1000x better. I have learned to listen to my body when it comes to hunger to repair the cycle that always ended in binging.

But most importantly I am learning that my body is able to grow and change and if I am kind to it it will change in a positive way. Kelly’s daily support and 1-on-1 approach to the program is what made this program perfect for me.

"I have learned to speak positively to myself and in turn I'm treating myself better, eating better, feeling 100x better.'

- Amy, 32


I have been in a very toxic relationship with food for the last 20+ years of my life.
This program has literally changed my relationship with myself, my mind, and my relationship with food.
Kelly has taught me to focus more on my mind in the moment of eating, rather than feeling like I need to stick to certain rules and foods. I am an over-eater. I overeat to the point where I can’t move and feel like I’m going to die. Kelly’s program has taught me to be mindful of my body and to listen to my fullness and hunger cues to give my body what it needs in the moment without over eating and bingeing.
Every other program I have tried, I have not been successful with and it’s because I felt like I was “being deprived” or restricting myself from the food I really wanted (because pizza>quinoa) and has never become a lifestyle I am able to follow through with. Kelly has completely changed my outlook, and mindset, and I am doing something I never EVER thought could be possible...I’m actually leaving food on the plate!!
 Kelly has created something sustainable that I will use for the rest of my life.

Kelly's program has taught me to be mindful of my body and listen to my cues to give my body what it needs without overeating and bingeing.

- katie, 33

I started following Kelly on Instagram and quickly signed up for her emails.

In a short time, she has changed the way I think about food and approach meals, and has given me the actual tools I need to heal my relationship with food, exercise and my body.

Now I’m working with Kelly one on one, and the support is incredible! As someone who has tried every diet out there, this has been a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and the first step in a lifelong process of learning how to nourish my body.

This has been a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and the first step in a lifelong process of learning how to nourish my body.

kind words

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