It’s Sunday night, and you just finished the last scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. You. Cannot. Move. Because before that Ben & Jerry’s, there was pizza. Before the pizza, you were munching on chips and salsa. Before the chips and salsa? You were at a family party and all you ate was a salad. You’re on a diet, duh.

Unfortunately, this is extremely familiar territory, because it’s the dance you’ve been doing for way too long. Eat perfect - give in - feel terrible - try to eat perfect.

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The cycle continues, and sometimes it's without you even knowing. The binges and the restrictions all begin to mesh together, and you can’t even remember when it starts or ends. All you know is you gained more weight than ever before, you absolutely hate the way you look, you have a terrible relationship with food, and you cannot enjoy a small snack without hating yourself for giving in.
Diet culture has taught you that it’s your fault. That you have no willpower. That crushing your Keto diet is simple, anyone can do it, and you’re never going to get the body you want.

But that's not the truth...

The diet industry is a $72 billion dollar industry for a reason. They want you to fail. They want your money. They want to keep you in this cycle of dieting, overeating, hating yourself, and trying a new diet to lose weight.

IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. You’ve just been taught all wrong.

I am here to change that.

Imagine if you could...

Stop obsessing about food
Have zero guilt from your food choices - yes, even the good ones
Have the tools to stop overeating, even if you’re eating foods where you could never pump the brakes on
Exercise because you love yourself
Maintain your happy, healthy weight without dieting...ever again
I’m here to tell you - you can. It’s possible. And I’m here to help you.

here's how i can help!

If you want the coaching and support to get out of your head and diet culture and into your happiest, most confident body, then this is all you. This is the all-in-one community to be surrounded by women that get it, and have every resource at your fingertips to be normal around food.

What you'll get:
5 Shifts to Stop Overeating Course
Weekly Coaching Calls
24/7 Online support community
Accountability workbook and guides
Monthly Challenges, Recipes & Workouts

you've been struggling with chronic dieting and/or binge eating for a long time

food freedom society

this is for you if

want extra layers of 

you do well with 
community backup

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i don't mean to brag buuut

i kind of rock at


I've been there, too.

I have done every diet under the sun. I have looked in the mirror and truly hated who I was, how I looked, and would do anything to change. So many tears have been shed, so many social events missed, so many pleads with myself begging to ‘just lose weight this once.’ I know, understand, and feel everything that you feel.


i connect deeply

Your wins are my wins. Your struggles are my struggles. Your level of excitement when you realize you aren’t guilty around food anymore is my… well, you get the gist! We may not be connected at the hip, but we will be connected in every way. You FINALLY have someone to turn to that just ‘gets it,’ and wants you to win as badly as you do.


My experiences & background align

Not only have I been through the trenches like you, but I have the education and credentials to back it up. Health, food freedom and helping others has been my passion since day one - and I have the certifications, books, papers, and knowledge to show for it.


ready to start your food freedom journey?

Working with Kelly has completely reshaped my mind and my future. After 15+ years of yo-yo dieting, lack of confidence, and an unhealthy relationship between my mind and body, I decided to join Kelly’s program.

I have learned to love myself more and I’ve stopped bullying my body. I’ve stopped hating my body and started appreciating it and seeing the beauty in it. I have learned to speak positively to myself and in turn I’m treating myself better, eating better, feeling 1000x better. I have learned to listen to my body when it comes to hunger to repair the cycle that always ended in binging.

But most importantly I am learning that my body is able to grow and change and if I am kind to it it will change in a positive way. Kelly’s daily support and 1-on-1 approach to the program is what made this program perfect for me.

"I have learned to speak positively to myself and in turn I'm treating myself better, eating better, feeling 100x better.'

- Amy, 32


I have been in a very toxic relationship with food for the last 20+ years of my life.
This program has literally changed my relationship with myself, my mind, and my relationship with food.
Kelly has taught me to focus more on my mind in the moment of eating, rather than feeling like I need to stick to certain rules and foods. I am an over-eater. I overeat to the point where I can’t move and feel like I’m going to die. Kelly’s program has taught me to be mindful of my body and to listen to my fullness and hunger cues to give my body what it needs in the moment without over eating and bingeing.
Every other program I have tried, I have not been successful with and it’s because I felt like I was “being deprived” or restricting myself from the food I really wanted (because pizza>quinoa) and has never become a lifestyle I am able to follow through with. Kelly has completely changed my outlook, and mindset, and I am doing something I never EVER thought could be possible...I’m actually leaving food on the plate!!
 Kelly has created something sustainable that I will use for the rest of my life.

Kelly's program has taught me to be mindful of my body and listen to my cues to give my body what it needs without overeating and bingeing.

- katie, 33

I started following Kelly on Instagram and quickly signed up for her emails.

In a short time, she has changed the way I think about food and approach meals, and has given me the actual tools I need to heal my relationship with food, exercise and my body.

Now I’m working with Kelly one on one, and the support is incredible! As someone who has tried every diet out there, this has been a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and the first step in a lifelong process of learning how to nourish my body.

This has been a breath of fresh air, a new perspective, and the first step in a lifelong process of learning how to nourish my body.

kind words

goodbye dieting
We are officially done
free resources here!

do you provide meal
plans for me to follow?

I know probably everything you’ve ever done has told you exactly what to eat, when to eat, and why to eat it- and if that worked, I am sure you wouldn’t be here! I am not going to provide you meal plans because YOU run the show. You finally get to listen to your body, and not what an external source is telling you. YOU get to listen to your hunger cues, decide what will give you personal enjoyment, and what will make you feel your absolute best. I mean how awesome does that sound?!

i know you're all about eating what i want, but what if i want to lose weight?

I totally get that you want to lose weight - I was one of those people also! At least during the beginning stages, the goal of losing weight needs to be put on the backburner. Not to say that it won’t happen down the line, but you need to trust the process to truly change. You are going to be solely focused on listening to your body, realizing delicious food is not scarce and that you don’t need to ‘start on Monday.’ Following my guidelines, it is totally common to lose weight the healthy way. Think about it - you are eating what makes you feel best, enjoying life, not obsessing over food, and moving because you love yourself. That is the ultimate recipe for success - even if it’s done in a different way than what you’re used to!

am i able to get in touch with you aside from our scheduled meetings?

Since we are totally revamping your thoughts (and ultimately your actions), you will NOT be alone! Trying this out, especially the first time, feels uncomfortable and scary. Trying this out with me by your side cheering you on - that’s where the magic happens. Aside from our scheduled meetings, I’m ya girl and totally available for you. Text me the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and we are going to get through it together.

are your coaching programs
for women only?

My coaching program was originally designed for women. However, if you are male, non-binary or do not identify as a woman, you are welcomed, supported & celebrated.

how do i know if
this is for me?

At the end of the day, you are the only one who knows if this is right for you. That said, take a step back and look at what you’ve done in the past. If all that has worked, would you be here? Probably not. Yes, this is different. Yes, it’s unconventional. And yet? It’s the last thing you’ll ever need because it works if you put in the work.

do you have
payment plans?

For the 1:1 coaching, there is an option to have the payments broken up for your convenience! I am happy to set up a payment plan that works for you.

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