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My story of becoming a health coach was a result of 2020 and my priorities shifting. My education, certification and my experiences that got me to this point is something I can finally say are my biggest accomplishments. While I am a certified health and nutrition coach, my formal graduate education is in health education, […]

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whenever i try to make a taco

I get too excited and crush it

- kevin malone, the office

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Introduction to Food Freedom


kelly lyons

ceo, health coach, head honcho, mama

Hi friend and welcome! I hope you love a taste of sarcasm, real talk, and someone who is going to tell you pretty much the exact opposite of what diet culture has ingrained in your (read: everyones) brains.

I’m a health coach whose view of health is not being obsessed with food, enjoying exercise again, and changing the thoughts happening between your ears. If you’re looking for macros, a meal plan, or someone who’s going to monitor your weight, you’ve got the wrong girl. But if you’ve come this far, I’m pretty sure you knew that already.

But I promise you… going about health in a normal, mindful, stress-free way will change your life. For good.

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