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My old brain used to say things like, ‘I wish someone would tell me what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, and why to eat it, then I’ll get to where I want to be.’ Just short of someone spoon feeding me, I tried that. For years. Every other day I would […]

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I used to have debilitating chronic back pain, and absolutely nothing worked. Now, this is going to be a very large overview of my story and what helped, but if you feel you’ve tried everything – this just may be the answer for you. My history of back pain Now, I wasn’t someone who normally […]

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We’ve all done it – the weight loss challenges. The 30 day *insert rule* challenge. The 21 day who-knows-what. ‘Biggest Loser’ at work every New Years. Challenge at your gym? Sign a girl up – I am winning that Chili’s gift card! weight loss challenges keep you in the cycle. That may have been hard […]

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And no, this has nothing to do with food. But? This question still drives me crazy. Even as a mom, it drives me even more insane. And yes…it’s about kids. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have. Zero, 1, 3, 14… the question always comes up. when are you having kids? Or ‘when are […]

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Choosing what to eat can bring on a whole bunch of emotions. These emotions all stem from two places; whether your food choices come from empowerment or fear. To truly have food freedom, the inner, subconscious voice of fear has no place in your life no mo’. We fail at food freedom due to fear. […]

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Let’s talk hot girl summer. If you’re thinking, ‘Okay Kel, you’re 32 years old. You don’t know what hot girl summer is…’ you’d be absolutely right. From my love for Tiktok and a quick google search, I got the vibe it was to be the life of the party, sexy, and zero feelings attached. Then […]

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diet cycle

The amount of diets I have done is not lost on me. I have tried everything…and I mean everything. When I am talking to clients, they usually start off with ‘I’ve tried every diet out there,’ and I automatically know they are in the right place. While the diet cycle remains the same, the name […]

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There are times ‘food freedom’ gets a bad rap. When discussing the overall concepts of this way of living, many people turn and run. What do you mean, you can eat whatever you want? Being told you can eat whatever you want is scary. It’s scary because it’s the complete opposite of everything you’ve been […]

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This is my story of why I quit Weight Watchers. First things first, I am not one to judge or condemn anyone who is doing what works for them. Are you killing counting points on Weight Watchers? Get it girl. I know many people who had success with this program, and I am truly happy […]

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Aaah, summertime. Sun, beach, pool, parties, pool parties. Having to be in a bathing suit, hating your body, comparing yourself to everyone, trying to navigate how to stay on your diet when burgers and hot dogs are staring you in the face? If you’re struggling to not be obsessed with food, this can sound like […]

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whenever i try to make a taco

I get too excited and crush it

- kevin malone, the office

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kelly lyons

ceo, health coach, head honcho, mama

Hi friend and welcome! I hope you love a taste of sarcasm, real talk, and someone who is going to tell you pretty much the exact opposite of what diet culture has ingrained in your (read: everyones) brains.

I’m a health coach whose view of health is not being obsessed with food, enjoying exercise again, and changing the thoughts happening between your ears. If you’re looking for macros, a meal plan, or someone who’s going to monitor your weight, you’ve got the wrong girl. But if you’ve come this far, I’m pretty sure you knew that already.

But I promise you… going about health in a normal, mindful, stress-free way will change your life. For good.

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