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How PMS Ruins Progress and How to Fix it

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Godddddd period problems. That’s exactly what I call them. Because they cause a whole lot of issues. At the moment I’m writing this blog post, I’m 30 weeks pregnant. Do I miss my period? Nope. Is one of the main reasons I don’t hate pregnancy because I don’t get my period? Mmmm… You bet. Let’s talk about how PMS ruins progress and what to actually do about it.

How PMS ruins progress:

A whole fabulous slew of things happen. We are bloated. Tired. Our cravings are through the roof. We lose motivation. Overeating becomes a sport (usually). And here’s the deal… it’s extremely common to gain weight during this time of the month, and yet, when we step on the scale, we feel like all of our progress is ruined, we throw in the towel, and we have to start over.

It is completely normal, and common, to gain anywhere from 6-10 pounds either the week before or during your period. Yep… I said. Normal, and common.

Yet we still get on the scale and get pissed off.

Here are tips to get through PMS:

Figure out WHEN you have PMS symptoms around your period – like all of those lovely things I mentioned above. This could be more tired, cravings, increased appetite, bloat, all of it. It’s common to have this the week before or the week of your period. Knowing this is the first step. Mark it in your calendar so you know when it’s coming.

Stay off the scale during this time. I mean honestly, what’s the point? Getting on the scale will only cause anger, frustration, feelings of defeat…which all lead to more and more eating.

Anticipate an increased appetite. Meaning, let yourself eat more if you’re physically hungry. Your body is telling you something, there is no reason to ignore it.

This is probably the most important one: give yourself grace. Meaning, be freaking nice to yourself – we don’t need to add insult to injury here:

  • Get to bed early
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Skip the workout if you’d much rather nap

By doing so, you’ll feel a lot better once this short time period has passed, and it will be like nothing ever happened.

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