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What to Eat to Stop Binge Eating

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Welcome to the world of what I was stuck in for so long. SO. DAMN. LONG. People telling you what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, and what not to do all with a false promise that swears it’s going to get you your dream body. So you just can’t figure out why you keep binge eating and falling flat on your face.

So please know before you continue, you aren’t getting a list of yes/no foods. That crap doesn’t work.

Here’s what to eat to stop binge eating:

All of them. Eat all of them.

Now, in the effort to not make this a 6 word blog post, let me take some time to explain.

One of the main reasons you are binge eating is because you aren’t letting yourself eat. Now, I don’t mean you are completely starving yourself and living off of almonds (that’s an entirely different issue), but you’re restricting both physically and mentally. And that’s gotta stop.

The foods you don’t let yourself have, you most likely binge on.

Is that true for you? I’m sure it is. Please know there’s nothing wrong with that, and more importantly, there’s nothing wrong with you.

The cycle looks something like this:

  • You tell yourself not to have the cookies.
  • You avoid the cookies like the plague.
  • But, you decide to have one cookie.
  • These thoughts pop up: ‘I’m never going to lose weight, I screwed up, I can’t do anything right.’
  • Then: ‘well, I am going to be perfect tomorrow…so I may as well eat all of them now.’
  • Eats: cookies, chips, pizza, ice cream, peanut butter.

Now, if you told yourself beforehand, ‘I can have these cookies whenever I want,’ and ‘there is nothing wrong with eating cookies,’ the next steps would not have followed.

You would have wanted a cookie, eaten a cookie, then moved on. No guilt, no shame, no thoughts telling you a completely different story in your head.

And that, my friend, is the difference. It all starts with our thoughts and the way we perceive food, but unfortunately, we think it’s all about WHAT we are eating.

If you struggle with binge eating, you aren’t alone. And it’s 100% fixable. Contact me here and let’s chat about how I can help.

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