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Should You do Healthy ‘Food Swaps?’

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Aaaah… healthy ‘food swaps.’ I feel like food swaps are all the buzz lately. Ever since the ‘Eat This, Not That,’ campaign came out, the world lived for Halo Top instead of Ben & Jerry’s (dear god I was one of those people). Let’s talk food swaps and if they are right for you.

What are food swaps?

First, let’s get into what I mean by food swaps – because it can mean a few different things. Food swaps, for the entirety of this blog post, is switching a piece of food out for something that is ‘healthier.’ (Note the quotation marks). So here is what some examples of food swaps may be:

  • lettuce cups instead of bread
  • cauliflower rice instead of regular rice
  • light ice cream instead of the good stuff
  • mustard instead of mayonnaise

I mean.. the list goes on and on. And on.

Now, please note, the food swaps I am talking about are only regarding if you are doing it because it’s ‘healthier.’ If you prefer that food, if you know how certain foods make you feel, and if you’re making a grown up empowered decision without the psychotic must-be-perfect-on-my-diet pursuit of weight loss? Go for it. Thats amazing. You do you.

I’m talking about only doing this for weight loss. You love jasmine rice, but you scarf down your cauliflower rice because it’s what you’re ‘supposed to do.’ You’d really love a little bit of ice cream on Friday night, but instead you struggle with the disgusting Halo Top pretending it’s the real thing.

While it may work momentarily, it’s going to bite you in the ass in the long run. Here’s why:

Food swaps never quite hit the spot.

Something always seems to go missing.

It is much easier to stop eating when you are eating what you want. Why? Because your body registers that it’s eating; your brain registers that it’s happy. You are satisfied both physically and mentally, and you’re able to put the fork down.

When you’re eating what you feel you are supposed to be eating, your brain keeps looking for food. When it’s time to stop eating, you didn’t get that satisfaction that you were looking for.

That’s why you reach for the chips.

Why you want something sweet.

Why you think you’re hungry 20 minutes later.

It’s not your body trying to mess with you, and it’s not your body that wants to keep you where you are. Pinky promise.

Try this instead:

Instead of force feeding yourself zero calorie ice cream that tastes like ice with stevia (but hey, if you like it? Do your thing)… try eating the real thing.

Some ways to do that?

  • Have smaller portions – aka don’t eat from the pint!
  • Eat without distractions, at the table, away from the TV.
  • Eat slowly, and most importantly, ENJOY.

These are just a few ways where you will be able to eat the Ben and Jerrys once in a while, not overdo it, and more importantly? Not feel guilty.

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