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Why You Can’t Be Consistent

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To lose weight, and keep it off, you need to be consistent. How many times have you heard that one? I’m sure a crap ton, especially if you’ve been immersed in diet culture for a long time. And if you’re here? I’m sure this isn’t ya first rodeo. So let’s talk consistency, why it isn’t working for you, and what you need to do instead.

What is consistency?

First, I hear this all the time from my clients. ‘I just can’t be consistent.’ ‘I struggle with consistency’ ‘I’m good for a few weeks then I fall off.’ So, if you are on the struggle bus with consistency? You aren’t alone. (Laughing because I always say ‘you aren’t alone’ almost after every post I write, but hey, sometimes we need that reminder).

Consistency, when it comes to weight loss, is doing something similar day by day to achieve weight loss goals. On paper, seems pretty easy. Eat healthy. Work out. Drink water. Sleep. Boom… 20 pounds gone in 2 months. The problem is… it usually doesn’t work that way.

Let’s go back to the last diet (or diets) you were on, and let’s lay out what your habits may have been:

  • Exercise 5x a week or more
  • Not eat past a certain time
  • Follow food rules (no carbs, no dairy, high fat, etc)
  • Tracking calories
  • Measuring food
  • Weighing yourself daily

And I am sure those aren’t even the half of it. If you’ve done a ton of diets, most likely the rules get stricter, the meals get less enjoyable, and you become more food obsessive as the time goes on. And then your binge eating gets worse.

Here’s why you can’t be consistent:

Because those million things you are trying to keep up with – day in, day out, no matter what? It’s too damn much. How is anyone supposed to keep up with every rule every single day? Especially if it’s a rule you don’t even enjoy? It’s physically impossible.

Think about it: you may have an easy, perfect, no stress day where you can follow your diet perfectly. Kudos to you!

But then the next day? The kids are sick. Your boss is giving you shit all day. Your partner is driving you crazy. Mom won’t stop calling. You slept like garbage.

Do you think you are going to have such an easy day hitting all those really hard goals? Of course not. And that’s where we fail. The perfect diet and the perfect rules only fit into our cookie cutter perfect day – and those days are a rarity. Because life.

What to do to be consistent:

Let go of the rules. Realize they are not serving you at all, and if you don’t like them? To the trash they go. It’s time to stop listening to other people.

Focus on small tasks you can do day in and day out. Like, really, really small. A five minute walk. Ten minute meditation. Eating fruit a few times a day. Make those small habits stick before you try anything bigger or greater.

Small habits create bit habits – which lead to you hitting your goals. We just tend to forget that one a lot.

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