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What to do if You Overate this Weekend

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Let’s talk about what to do if you overate this weekend. While I’m writing this, it’s Super Bowl weekend… and the first thing I think of is wings. Wings, beer, allllll the delicious stuff. But in reality? It doesn’t matter what ‘special’ weekend it is.

Sometimes we stress so much about a big weekend, or a holiday weekend, when we binge every other time of the year for no reason.

So if you overate this weekend (and no, it doesn’t matter when), here’s what to do to get past it and not make it a repetitive thing. First things first…

you aren’t alone if you overate this weekend.

This happens to so many people. But, there is a difference between randomly overeating one night, and intentionally overeating ‘just because’ the food is around, or you’re starting that god forsaken BS diet tomorrow.

In this post today, we are talking about the latter.

When you overeat solely because the food is there.

The food is just ‘too good to stop.’

You know tomorrow is starting another set of rules that you must follow blindly.

So when all of these things happen – it’s really, really common to overeat like it’s your last supper.

so here’s what to do if you overate:

First things first: you must forgive yourself.

  • Forgiving yourself is the first step of moving on in the right direction. When you don’t – you continuously shame yourself for what you did, and in turn, will most likely end up eating more because you are still so angry with yourself.
  • Sounds crazy right? It’s because it is. This mindset of ‘I can’t do anything right, so I may as well just keep eating’ sounds insane when we say it out loud, but it is such a common thought in our noggins that have become reality.

Second: you must eat normally.

  • The key to ‘fixing’ or ‘making up’ last night’s debacle is most definitely not starting another diet. Or dieting harder. Or living off lettuce and broiled grilled chicken for a week.
  • All that does is keep you going around in the diet hamster wheel, only to then in the near future be surrounded by delicious food again, and go off the rails.
  • To get out of this cycle, you must eat normally. Your body needs to learn what it feels like to be fed, nurtured and happy.

Drink water.

  • This one may seem a tad obvious, but the benefits of water are truly unbelievable. Not only does it make you a nicer person (I swear it does)! it just flushes out all the toxins in your body.
  • Water keeps you full, so you can better tell the difference between physical and emotional hunger. When you are properly hydrated, emotional hunger naturally loses its place in your day.
  • Shoot for 80-100oz to start (maybe a bit less if you are someone who drinks zero water), let your body get used to it, and go up from there.

Move in a non-punishment type of way.

  • No, you don’t need to hit the pavement and run 3 miles because you had pizza. Go for a walk, do something light, or, if you enjoy high intensity? Get after it (just make sure it’s not for punishment purposes).
  • We need those endorphins to feel good and let go. Also, you want that reminder of just how good it feels to feel good. Exercise is what does that for you.

Forgiveness must come first.

You cannot move through each of the above tips and reap the benefits if you are shaming yourself for what happened this past weekend.

Remind yourself that progress isn’t ruined from one night out.

Progress is ruined from the stories we tell ourselves that cause us to continue eating.

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