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KLW Client Interview: Tori

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One of my favorite things to do is hear about my klw client’s successes. Why? Because their successes is truly what they’ve wanted for so long – but they’ve been looking in all the wrong places (looking at you, My Fitness Pal). Being exactly where they’ve been, I know how incredible it feels to find food freedom and to finally live life with food being an afterthought.

no more binge eating

So, meet Tori*. I interviewed her after my Food Freedom Program to see exactly where she was, where she is now, and so you can see what happens when you decide to take the plunge.

Enjoy the interview!

Before we started working together, what was your story? What was your relationship with food like?

Food, eating food, planning to eat food and fantasizing about food was my life since I was 12. I used
food as my comfort to numb out after my parents divorce and move with my new step dad to a new
city, school and friends. Once I started numbing out with food, I never stopped. I looked forward to
anytime I had alone when I could eat all of the things that I was too embarrassed to eat in front of
others due to my growing body. Since those early days I have been to weight loss clinics where I was
given injections, then to WW meetings, every diet known to man, and even most recently weight loss
surgery where I lost over 100 pounds but have gained back 30 due to uncontrolled eating and obsession
over what I should and should not be eating.

What was your body image like?

I’ve always had a larger body, even when I was probably average weight, I always felt and was told I had
to lose weight. I have always tried to hide my body by focusing on cute clothes, styled hair and cute
makeup. Anything to help keep the focus off of my body. The judgement I have felt over my body all of
my life has given me a terrible judgment of myself.

So now, what was your confidence and self esteem like?

Surprisingly my self esteem and confidence was not bad all of time. I have always been involved in
sports, and that gave me confidence as a teenager and young adult. But once that stopped, I felt my
confidence and self esteem plummet.

How did you find me, and what resonated with you with what I was saying!

When I saw Kelly on Tik Tok of all places, I just resonated with her. I had struggled with weight gain
after my gastric bypass. I thought weight loss surgery was going to be my savior. Sadly, it didn’t heal my
thinking. I still ended up having the same mentality about food and eating. I knew I needed to finally be
free of the struggle. I remember saving a tik tok video that I saw on Kelly’s tik tok account about diet
culture bs and it just got me thinking that I had been following diets my entire life and I am at the same
place I started 30 years ago!

What do you think the biggest eye opener was when we started working together?

On our first call, I was confiding in Kelly that I was always judged by my Mom for my weight and didn’t
want to create the same pattern with my daughter and she cried with me and told how she could totally
relate, I knew I had to work with her. She had so much knowledge, compassion, and the tools that I
craved for my own freedom from food obsession.

Since working with me, how have you changed?

What I say here, might not be what others want to hear if they are just starting this journey with Kelly,
but my weight has not changed. The program that I was in, at the time, was not focused on weight loss, and that’s not what I wanted for myself. What HAS changed is something so, so much deeper and better. I
deleted all diet apps, restrictive diet Instagram accounts, threw away my food scale. I mean, we weren’t meant to weight, track and measure our body energy and fuel! Eating is supposed to be enjoyable, not
judged. It’s food!!! I feel such a freedom from diet mentality.

How, if anything, you’ve learned with Kelly has carried over to other areas of your life?

My favorite Kelly saying that I learned that helps me in so many situations: Stop, Breathe, what do I
NEED? It isn’t always food. It might be water, a break from what I’m doing, a nap. This has helped me
out of so many potential binges. Her advice changed my life.

Any advice for other women working with me?

If you are ready to work with someone and allow them to REALLY help you and give you the tools that
you need, someone who will not judge you, allow yourself this chance to work with Kelly. Really give it
your all. She can take it. Kelly always seems to be right there popping up on a text or email at that right

*names have been changed

How do you feel reading this? Tori’s story really resonates with me because I was the exact same way, and I know many of you are. Sadly, the diet industry WANTS us to feel this way.

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