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Affirmations to Improve Body Image

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It took me a really long time to get my mind right. Like, 16 years long. I spent years and years (and years) comparing, guilting, shaming and judging. Now I’m not talking about towards others; I’m way too nice for that. This is all about how I treated myself. I was completely awful to myself and my body; without any idea on how to improve my body image.

In other words, I never realized the way I acted was just killing my body image.

Things like:

  • punishing myself for what I ate: by starving or going to the gym
  • staring in the mirror and hiding body parts I wished were smaller
  • making thin, beautiful women my phone wallpaper
  • writing ‘motivational’ quotes on the fridge – sayings like, ‘you’re not hungry, fatty’
  • printing pictures of thin women inside my pantry cabinets

I mean… these were all supposed to be motivation! Supposed to whip my butt into the best shape of my life! Shocker… that was a huge fail. And that fail lasted for years, and years…and years.

Here’s why your body image sucks:

Now, there are a slew of reasons why based on your environment, who you surround yourself with, but I’m currently speaking on our internal dialogue and how we treat ourselves.

You need to stop treating yourself like crap.

When we constantly try to bully ourselves, compare, judge or put ourselves down, we weirdly think that is going to motivate us into doing ‘what’s right,’ or what is going to get us closer to the body of our dreams.

We couldn’t be more wrong. As a result, we just keep digging ourselves deeper and deeper into the hole of binge eating, food obsession and feeling absolutely awful about ourselves.

So instead of being our worst enemy, we need to try something different here.

Enter: affirmations

Now, I am not one who truly loves affirmations. I am not standing in the mirror, pumping up fist and telling myself how beautiful I am. And I definitely don’t want you doing that either.

But, with affirmations, we can kindly take our brains back to a space where we just stop freaking hating ourselves.

These little sayings don’t need to be completely out there, but they definitely should be neutral. Neutral in a way that gets you to realize, ‘okay… I deserve better than what I’m telling myself.’

Think about it: if your best friend came up to you, extremely sad, and said ‘I just messed up my diet, I’ll never lose weight, I hate my body and who I am… and I have no idea what to do!’ You wouldn’t speak to her the way you would yourself.

You’d hug her. You’d tell her how gorgeous and perfect she is inside and out, and you’d be the shoulder she needed to cry on.

But… we don’t do that for ourselves. That is what needs to change.

Affirmations to improve body image:

  1. I may not love how I look today, but I am doing everything I can to feel my best.
  2. I deserve respect and love.
  3. Today, I am going to treat myself the way I do my best friend.
  4. I appreciate everything my body does for me.
  5. I love who I am becoming.
  6. Today, I am going to make myself feel my best.
  7. I refuse to let my mind bully my body.
  8. It’s a miracle that I am a live, and I’m so grateful for it.
  9. I am deserving of all the kindness and good in the world.
  10. Today, my body is safe.

These will help improve body image by realizing that yes, you may not be perfect (who is)? but you are WORTHY. When we constantly tell ourselves subconsciously we aren’t worthy, everything starts to follow.

It’s time to go by the beat of a different drum. Check out my free resources here to help get you started!

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  1. Gloria says:

    Just what I needed to read this eve!! Thank you.

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