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Are You Stuck in Diet Mentality?

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You’ve tried it all. Allllllll the diets. Paleo, Keto, Noom, WW, intermittent fasting, and anything you can find on google. You tell yourself you’ve sworn off diets for good because diets just aren’t working for you. (I mean, who do they really work for, anyway)? But here’s the thing: you can still have diet mentality without being ‘on a diet.’ Let’s talk about how.

What is diet mentality?

Diet mentality is what I like to call: hell. Just kidding…but seriously. The reason I call it hell, is because you are still thinking in your old diet ways. You still are seeing foods as good and bad, and you still are stuck in the guilt and shame cycle without you even realizing it. The problem is here, that you are trying to convince yourself you aren’t dieting anymore. Without acceptance, you cannot change. Taking a minute to acknowledge this is where you may be, will get you past this point and finally into the beautiful life of food freedom.

And let me be the first to tell you…

It’s okay if you’re still in the diet mentality. Seriously, it’s no big deal. I was in it for 12 years. The key is realizing it, acknowledging it, and taking the steps to get the heck out.

Here’s how to tell if you’re stuck in diet mentality:

Sign one: You avoid the foods you love. You love a good hearty sandwich, but won’t eat bread. You would love nothing more than a little bit of ice cream at night once in a while, but nope! Can’t have ice cream!

If you do, what happens? As a result, you beat yourself up. You have feelings of guilt, shame, that you were ‘bad,’ and that you did something wrong. You are treating yourself as if you robbed a bank, not that you had a bag of chips for a snack today.

Sign two: You weigh yourself. Now, I don’t mean once in a while, I mean that you WEIGH. YOUR. SELF. If your morning routine looks something like this: wake up, get on the scale, pee, get on the scale, move it to the right, get on the scale, step off, get on the scale, and take the best number for the day? You, my friend, are deep in diet mentality.

If the scale determines your day, not only should you not be weighing yourself, but you are in the diet mentality. The fact that a $20 piece of plastic makes you feel inadequate is the biggest sign to throw it out the window. If you want to read more about that, check out this blog post.

Sign three: You follow food rules that you don’t even like. If you’re skipping breakfast, not eating past 7PM, only having carbs with one meal, force feeding yourself vegetables you hate (and let me tell ya, those examples were so easy to bang out because they were me for so long). If you are *trying* to do this, and you are unhappy, you are again, in the diet mentality.

Sign four: If your exercise routine is based around weight loss, that’s an issue. Meaning: if you work out because you had pizza, or if you’re ‘gearing up’ for the night, or you just want to lose weight so you get on the dreaded elliptical for 45 minutes? No thank you.

Exercise should be based off around your values. Feeling better about yourself, being kinder, being a better parent, partner, friend, colleague – all of these are just a few examples of what an exercise routine does for you. Weight loss should just be a side effect, not the entire reason. Because when weight loss doesn’t come as quickly as you want and you get frustrated, you stop. Hard stop.

If this is you, know that there is a way out.

And when you’re out, you are out for good.

You can finally:

  • Not let one meal turn into an ultimate binge fest, because you were ‘starting over’ tomorrow.
  • Focus on how you look in the mirror, how your clothes fit, and understand that weight fluctuates on a million different things.
  • The only rules you follow are ones that you want to. You become your own food and body guru – and it’s a beautiful thing.
  • Stop letting food control every moment of your life, and only think about it when it’s time to eat.

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