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How to Stay on Track this Halloween

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Here it comes… the Reeses. The Hershey Bars. The M&Ms. The Starburst…and dare I say it? The candy corn. Yes, I know candy corn is very polarizing to some (and I’m not sure why because it’s the best)… so if you don’t like candy corn, there is no place for you here. Just kidding. But also fully not?

The word ‘staying on track’ really blows my mind when it comes to food because we never are ‘on’ track or ‘off’ track – we are always eating. There shouldn’t be a track for us to even follow, and in fact, when there is, it just means we are following someone else’s rules. If we were following what we wanted, we would always be ‘on’ and never ‘off.’ Make sense? I think so too.

The way to stay on track this Halloween? Eat candy.

*Gasp* Yes, I am not telling you to white knuckle your way or staying on track this Halloween. Because what happens when you do that? Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You really really REALLY love Reese’s (hi, it me), and you make sure that you have not a piece when it seems to be dancing in your head. You are sooooo good for two days without any candy! Then you decide that because you’ve been so good you deserve to have some!

But it’s never just the one. Because all of a sudden you eat the candy, and that guilt ensues. ‘I have zero willpower, I can’t believe I just had some candy, f*ck it, I’ll restart tomorrow.’

Then, 20 minutes later, you’ve eaten so much candy in desperation, as if you’re almost out of breath from it, because you know you aren’t having any tomorrow.

And then, tomorrow hits. And the exact same thing happens again. Because when you tell yourself you can’t have something, you want more of it.

So when you’re trying to stay on track this Halloween? You are actually going waaaay off track.

Stop seeing the food as ‘bad.’

We don’t even realize that when we have food in categories, we are automatically perpetuating negative behaviors with food that we eat.

Enter: Reese’s are bad. Snickers are bad. M&M’s are bad.

So when we eat them? We are automatically bad. And since we are bad, we may as well keep being bad until we can try again tomorrow and be good. So that means we overeat. A whoooooole lot.

Change your environment.

Sometimes when we eat food, we automatically put ourselves in a black hole. We don’t go outside, we don’t talk to anyone, we just … eat.

This is where changing your environment becomes so important.

  • Get outside.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Call a friend.
  • Read a book.
  • Run some errands.

All you need to do is quickly remind yourself that the world is still moving, and it most definitely isn’t the end of the world as we think it is.

With the holidays quickly approaching, having what I call the ‘f*ck it’ mindset can lead into Thanksgiving, the holidays, and all of a sudden your New Years resolution is still all about weight loss.

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