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How to Enjoy The Fall Season without Binge Eating

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Guys – I love the fall. Like, freaking loooooove it. My birthday is in September (hey my virgo peeps), football is my favorite sport in the whole world, I love oversized sweaters, hiking, being outside… I mean everything the fall is about is my jam. I mean for real, what’s not to like? Bring on the oversized scarves, leggings and pumpkin spice lattes please. (JK I don’t like PSL’s that much. I’m weird. I’ll take the hot cider though)! Here’s my guide to why the fall season can be tough, and how to enjoy it without binge eating and being normal around food.

The fall is usually when people get back into their routine. The kids go back to school, work picks up, the summertime fun events quickly come to a screeching halt. The barbecues, pool parties, beach vacations, and pina coladas take a break until next year.

The fall season means we get back on track.

How many times has this new season been where you get back to the gym, start waking up early, eating more vegetables, chill with drinking and just ‘get back to normal?’

That was me too. September 1st hit, and I was a new person.

  • I was losing the weight this time.
  • I was getting back to the gym.
  • I was going to drink a whole lot less.
  • I was going to stop binge eating.

As a result, I walked around with this ‘new season…new me’ crap.

But then, the fall activities kick in.

All of a sudden, every Sunday you are getting together with friends or ordering wings and beer for the football games (hi, it me). Saturdays are filled with wineries, hard cider, and ordering late night food after your day drinking buzz. You try to get back to the gym, but you’re running around like a maniac shlepping your kids everywhere, and it seems you barely have a minute for yourself.

All of a sudden? It’s mid-October, and you are still starting over every Monday.

You are still binge eating after a really freaking long day at work.

You are still cleaning your plate and grabbing seconds (and thirds)!, because tomorrow you’re going to the gym at 5AM.

Losing the weight and being normal around food suddenly became harder than it was in the summer.

Before you know it, nothing has changed.

If this sounds a little rough around the edges, that’s okay. I welcome those thoughts. I am speaking from experience, but, I also want you to take a step back and reflect on you past years. This most likely sounds all too familiar if you struggle with having a terrible relationship with food.

This was me. Every fall season, this was it. Because I would do anything, ANYTHING, to lose weight so I can enjoy the holidays and finally step into a new year without a weight loss resolution.

If this sounds like you, here’s ways to enjoy the fall without binge eating:

  • Step away from the crazy goals. The multiple 5am wake ups, the 6x a week workouts, the 12 servings of vegetables a day. Sorry to tell you, but that will last three days max.

  • Create goals that are achievable, that you can hit, and feel good about. Make space during your week to exercise three times.

  • Enjoy the events, and take tomorrow out of the equation. The whole ‘I’m starting over tomorrow, let me eat 18 wings and 4 slices of pizza now’ doesn’t work too well. Instead, say to yourself, ‘what can I do in this moment to enjoy life but also not have guilt?’

  • Drink your PSL’s. Have your ciders. Enjoy the food. Make your next meal something that is nutrient dense that makes you FEEL good.

Now, let’s go shopping for some new cardigans (among the 40 we already have), and make this the first time you enjoy the fall without binge eating and being food obsessed.. and still have success.

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