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Why You Need to Eat What You Want

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Okay, okay… hear me out. Before you race to the pantry and grab your favorite food, I am not talking about jumping at your cravings every moment of the day. You know that isn’t what I’m about. This is all about when you are hungry, and eating what you want in that moment. You need to learn how to eat what you want. It is crucial in your journey, and frankly, it’s a must-do. Why? Because this helps you avoid eating-around-the-food syndrome as I like to call it.

why do you need to eat what you want?

When you are healing your relationship with food, you neeeeeed to eat what you want in order to achieve food freedom. Why? Because mental satiety is just as important as physical satiety.

What is mental satiety?

Mental satiety, for the lack of better words, is making your brain happy. When you’re hungry and you are figuring out what to eat, you keep hearing that you’d really love a slice of pizza or a hearty sandwich. Instead, you opt for the house salad with grilled chicken because you are trying to lose weight.

Your brain is pissed. You didn’t give it what it wanted. We like to think our brain will quiet down, but it doesn’t. Instead? It gets louder. The pizza or sandwich that you should’ve had starts being pictured in your mind, and all of a sudden you’re having cravings when you aren’t even hungry.

Enter: eat-around-the-food syndrome

When you don’t eat what you want, enter this syndrome. Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar:

  • you’re hungry and you’d really love some penne vodka with grilled chicken, but instead you eat salmon and veggies.
  • you eat your salmon and veggies, and feel like you aren’t satisfied.
  • all of a sudden, you are reaching for the pretzels in the pantry.
  • you open and close the fridge a few times looking for something to ‘pick on.’
  • you decide to eat some fruit.
  • the pantry calls your name again, and you eat some chips out of the bag.
  • then your kids come home, and you find yourself eating the after school snacks.
  • now you’ve realized you’ve been mindlessly snacking for the past two hours, you become angry with yourself, and you continue because you have to start over tomorrow.

What would have happened if you just had the penne vodka with grilled chicken like you originally wanted?

I’ll tell ya.

  • You would be happy that you were eating what you wanted.
  • Most likely you’d eat less, because you are satisfied.
  • You wouldn’t continue eating, because you were mentally satisfied.
  • You’d have no desire to eat again or snack until later when you felt hungry.
food freedom

Your brain and your body wants to be your teammate.

I promise you, your body wants to be on your side. Your brain is doing what’s best for you. When you eat what you want, your brain and body takes a sigh of relief and says ‘thank you.’

Over time, this is how you stop overeating.

Food no longer has that emotional hold over you.

That is how you find food freedom.

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