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how empowerment leads to food freedom

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Choosing what to eat can bring on a whole bunch of emotions. These emotions all stem from two places; whether your food choices come from empowerment or fear. To truly have food freedom, the inner, subconscious voice of fear has no place in your life no mo’.

We fail at food freedom due to fear.

Fear around food may seem a bit silly on the surface, but when we really dive in, we can see that it is a little too common. Now, I’m not talking about running away from food as if it’s going to murder you and your family; horror movie not included. When we talk about fear, we are referring to the lack of inner confidence we have. Our lack of confidence with our food choices leads to listening to others before we listen to ourselves.

Most people talk about having fear with food. And no, no one comes out and says ‘I’m terrified of food,’ but very common and popular terms/ sayings (thanks again, diet culture) bring out this resounding fear. Here’s what they may sound like:

  • ‘I’m getting back on track today.’
  • ‘I’m starting tomorrow.’
  • ‘No I don’t want bread, I’m avoiding carbs.’
  • ‘I’m on keto.’ (Relax keto-ers, replace keto with literally any other diet and it’s the same concept).

Basically, committing to anything where something is chosen for you – THAT is fear. And that’s why we can’t find food freedom, or better yet? Don’t even attempt.

Now, if this type of eating makes you feel your best, and it’s something you happily CHOOSE because it’s what you want? That’s a whole different ballgame, and that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Now, let’s talk how food freedom comes from empowerment.

When you are empowered, you are in the driver’s seat. You’ve got your hands on the steering wheel, and you don’t have road rage. You are just cruisin, doin you. Sounds pretty dang good.

You are eating what you want. There is no instagram inspo on your iphone wallpaper reminding you how important being skinny is, there is no calorie tracking app on your phone, there is no guilt when you decide to order rice with your Chipotle burrito bowl.

On the contrary, being empowered with your food choices doesn’t mean you eat ‘perfectly.’ There are days you’ll eat what makes you feel your best, where you feel light, energetic and powerful, and there are days you’ll eat more processed foods than usual and you may feel cranky and lethargic.

And? There may be times you choose to overeat in the moment. Again, you are choosing to. You are empowered.

These choices come from confidence and self-respect, not fear.

This is coming from self respect, confidence, and being able to cut out the noise that we know and love (ehrm, hate) as diet culture. The magic is, that you are making the choices without guilt. So, the days you feel not-so-great, there isn’t guilt around you, and you don’t end up eating MORE. (Because that’s what we love to do, right)?

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