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my experience with the diet cycle

diet cycle

The amount of diets I have done is not lost on me. I have tried everything…and I mean everything. When I am talking to clients, they usually start off with ‘I’ve tried every diet out there,’ and I automatically know they are in the right place. While the diet cycle remains the same, the name of the diet (and the rules)! usually differ.

Here’s a quick recap of the diet cycle:

  1. You want to lose weight, so you start a diet
  2. Restrict in whichever way said diet tells you to: (avoid food groups, skip meals, time meals, measure, count, etc).
  3. Your body senses restrictions and has cravings.
  4. You give in to those cravings (that usually ends in overeating and/or binge eating)
  5. From giving in, you have guilt and need to start over (this can be the same diet harder, or a completely new one).

Here’s the truth: whichever diet you are doing is founded through the diet cycle. In fact, their success depends on it. Think about it: if they all worked, they wouldn’t have any more customers.

  • Paleo? Cut out major food groups.
  • Keto? Cut out macronutrients.
  • Weight watchers? Cut calories through tracking food.
  • Intermittent fasting? We know, we know.

The issue is (among many others), when you don’t have success, as you usually don’t, you try something else. And you don’t have success there? You try something else. The frustration kicks in, the exhaustion kicks in, and before you know it, you are feeling way too guilty when you ‘go off’ your diet and start binge eating.

Here is my experience with different variations of the diet cycle:

  1. Weight Watchers 
  2. Noom 
  3. Paleo
  4. Keto
  5. Intermittent Fasting 
  6. Counting Macros 
  7. ‘Clean’ eating 
  8. Mediterranean Diet
  9. 80/20 Diet
  10. Zone Diet
  11. Jenny Craig
  12. South Beach 
  13. Weight Watchers ‘kickstart’ plan 
  14. Whole 30 (six times, once completed) 
  15. Atkins
  16. Slimfast
  17. Carb cycling
  18. Juice diet
  19. Grapefruit diet
  20. Gluten free 
  21. Overeaters Anonymous (12 step program)
  22. Meal plans from multiple nutritionists / personal trainers

Looking at these diets, think about the ones you may have done. And yes, there are diets that work for people. If you are here, that may not be you. And that’s okay – it isn’t me either.

In every diet I’ve tried, there is a sense of restriction.

Restriction is different for everyone. Anything that you feel you HAVE to do based on an external factor or what someone is telling you to do (cue refusing to eat past 7:00PM when you are starving), that’s restriction.

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