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common misconceptions of food freedom

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There are times ‘food freedom’ gets a bad rap. When discussing the overall concepts of this way of living, many people turn and run.

What do you mean, you can eat whatever you want?

Being told you can eat whatever you want is scary. It’s scary because it’s the complete opposite of everything you’ve been told before. There are a lot of misconceptions to food freedom, but mostly people just don’t understand – which I get.

Not understanding is understandable.

Diet culture has taught us we need to:

  • Eat at perfectly spaced times
  • Avoid major food groups
  • Not eat certain foods
  • Not eat at night
  • Measure our food
  • Track our food
  • Exercise to lose weight

But even worse? Diet culture has a history of paralysis by analysis. Meaning, there is so much out there, you literally have no idea what to do. Every diet is different. Every other day new information is coming out based on what rules to follow. They teach us a good and bad, right and wrong, healthy and unhealthy. The problem? It’s different based on who you talk to.

When that is ingrained in our brains for so long, we can only go deeper into a hole that becomes more and more difficult to get out of.

So when we are told that eating whatever you want can get you over the bridge to food freedom, we get scared.

Here is what people think food freedom is:

  • Eating your favorite processed foods, all of the time.
  • Having no regard for nutritional concepts.
  • Eating whatever you are craving.

This is not food freedom. And I will be the first to say that I get it. We are told what to do in every way shape and form, what to follow, when to eat, what to eat, how to eat, so when we are given ‘freedom,’ we think we will be a food vacuum 24/7.

That is diet culture talking. We think that, because that’s all we know.

We think that, because when we restrict, afterwards we go off the rails. This is not that.

Here is what food freedom actually is:

  • Enjoying a balance of foods that make you feel your best, and ‘fun’ foods you enjoy.
  • Enjoying foods without guilt.
  • Learning to acknowledge your fullness, and be able to stop eating with ease.
  • Understanding why you emotional eat or binge eat, and addressing the root cause.
  • Understand simple nutrition concepts that don’t cause stress or overwhelm.

If this may feel extremely foreign to you, that’s okay. Dieting and rules are all around us, and this makes finding food freedom a lot harder than it needs to be.

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