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enjoy summer without being obsessed with food and your body

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Aaah, summertime. Sun, beach, pool, parties, pool parties. Having to be in a bathing suit, hating your body, comparing yourself to everyone, trying to navigate how to stay on your diet when burgers and hot dogs are staring you in the face? If you’re struggling to not be obsessed with food, this can sound like your personal nightmare.

For someone who doesn’t have a great body image, summer time can be not that enjoyable. The complete opposite actually; pretty damn terrible. What is supposed to be a great time with family, friends, summer hours and all that jazz, can turn into a personal hell of overwhelm, guilt and anxiety.

Now, this doesn’t apply to everyone. But if you are someone who is deep in the diet cycle, works reaaaal hard to get their summer body ready, and eats very strict Monday – Thursday for their Friday bathing suit? This may be you. Read here about how it was me, also.

And if it is? That is perfectly okay. Remember, it’s not easy changing your mindset and behaviors when everything around you is screaming perfection.

Here are a few ways to enjoy events without being obsessed with food:

  1. Eat as your normally would leading up to a party or BBQ. Starving yourself (or ‘fasting’ as Gwenyth Paltrow the diet guru calls it), is a recipe for disaster in the long run. Showing up a party famished, seeing delicious food, mix in a few drinks, before you know it you’re three hotdogs in and going for your fourth helping of coleslaw. By eating normally as you would beforehand, you aren’t hangry, your blood sugar is stable, and you aren’t going to get wasted from drinking on an empty stomach.
  2. Remind yourself you can eat this food any time. This is probably my biggest tip for any scenario. Many times, we shovel food because we are vowing to ‘start over’ tomorrow, and in our mind, that gets rid of all the delicious food we love so dang much. By reminding yourself this food is in abundance and you can have it for breakfast tomorrow, dinner Wednesday, and lunch Saturday, the exciting pedestal this food is on gets knocked over.
  3. Focus on eating a balance of protein, fat and fiber to keep your blood sugar levels and cravings at bay.

Here are a few ways to enjoy events without being obsessed with your body:

  1. Realize NO ONE is looking at you. I mean, this one is a big one. If you paid me one million dollars to remember someone that I saw at the beach last week, I wouldn’t be able to. And I have a freakishly good memory. With strangers on the beach? Hanging at the pool with your friends? No one cares what you look like. And if they do? It’s time for new friends.
  2. Focus on the people and the actual party. While simple, sometimes we put such a big emphasis on the food. Heck, we may even be daydreaming of the food days before (especially if you’ve been dieting leading up to it). Focus on who you’re with, the good company, and the conversation. Of course, still eat and enjoy, but the emphasis will have subsided a bit.
  3. Stop and think about what you would tell your best friend. If he or she called you, upset about how they looked and starting talking down to themselves and venting, what would you say to them? You’d tell them they are beautiful, who cares, and they look amazing in whatever they wear. As the wonderful friend you are, you are there for your friend and hype them up. The question is, why won’t you do that for yourself? Realize you are your own worst critic, and start talking to yourself as you would your best friend.

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