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what to do if you overeat (and how to move on fast)

what to do if you overeat

You know the feeling. The feeling of being so stuffed you can’t move; heck, unbuttoning your jeans in the restaurant or wearing sweatpants to Thanksgiving dinner is a badge of honor. The problem? Shortly after, the guilt kicks in bigtime, to the point we make the choice to eat-because-we-ate. Let’s talk about what to do if you overeat.

We overeat for a lot of reasons.

  • Sometimes, the food is so stinkin’ good, we must finish it all now. We don’t want to miss out, duh!
  • You may be a part of the ‘clean-your-plate’ club (also known as CYPC in the world of Kelly L Wellness).
  • We are using food to cope. Stressed, sad, angry, happy – using food to enhance or diminish a certain emotion.
  • Preparing for this food meant your day was full of restriction. So naturally, you go overboard.
  • You are ‘starting over’ tomorrow, so of course, it all must be eaten now.

There is no shortage of reasons as to why we overeat. The issue is, we struggle with letting go of the time we overeat and moving on. Instead, we harp. We feel guilty. We hate ourselves. We pinch different parts of our body that we wish was smaller. We vow to start over tomorrow and *REALLY* be good this time!

But the biggest issue, this guilt, anger and feeling of failure puts us in overdrive to eat more. Saying things like:

  • I already screwed up, I may as well keep going.
  • I can’t even do this right, I’m just gonna keep eating and restart tomorrow.
  • I follow all the rules and do everything right, and I still can’t stop eating. F this.

In other words, when we overeat, we instill failure in ourselves and keep eating.

There is a different way. You can overeat and then move on with your life, and surprisingly not hate yourself. When you have this type of mindset, not only do you not feel guilty and move on, you don’t continue down a self-destructive path of eating. You get right back to your normal routine, however that looks for you, and chalk it up to a learning experience.

what to do if you overeat

Here is what to do if you overeat and help you move on from it:

  • First and foremost, forgive yourself. Nothing good will come from talking down to yourself, calling yourself ‘fat,’ (or any other term you commonly use). Tell yourself things happen, it’s okay. You are human.
  • Use this as a learning experience. This is probably the most helpful, because if you learn from something you feel is a mistake, it’s never a true mistake. Ask yourself: ‘why did I overeat?’ ‘How was I feeling emotionally?’ ‘What did I eat earlier that could have caused me to overeat now?’ ‘What will I do differently next time?’
  • Do not try to ‘make up’ for what you just did. While many think this is the normal and ‘right’ thing to do, it’s not. All this does is keep us in the diet cycle of restrict – binge – feel guilty. If you continue down this past, you will continue to overeat and may potentially binge.
  • Move your body: Now, don’t think this is where you need to get out and run a 5K because you need to make up for it. See above, amiright. I am talking light movement for the mental health properties. Get outside, take a walk, ride your bike, walk the dog, anything. This will help release endorphins and put you in a better mood. Forgiving yourself is much easier when you are a tad happier.
  • Drink water: this helps digestion, flushing out toxins, and helps keep everything moving in your body.
  • Wear clothes that fit. Yes, after overeating you may feel bloated, heavy, swollen, that’s fine. Guess what? Squeezing into your skinny jeans won’t help you, and it will just be a constant reminder that you are uncomfortable because of what you did. Instead? Opt for leggings, comfy shorts, or a flowy dress where you feel good in your skin.

Forgiving yourself and moving on is key.

When you are able to move on, you don’t eat-because-you-ate. You continue making choices in the future that make you feel good, without harping on the past (that we can’t even change).

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