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why you need to quit your inner mean girl

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Let’s talk about that terrible inner voice we have in the back of our minds. She is rude, nasty, and will probably talk to you worse than any other person would! I mean, seriously… if anyone spoke to you the way you spoke to yourself, they probably would not be in your life whatsoever. Not only do we know her… but it’s time to quit your inner mean girl.

She is a real Regina George.

What does your inner mean girl love to say to you?

  • She loves to remind you that you blew it
  • She loves to tell you that you’ll never lose weight,
  • She loves to tell you how fat you are, how disgusting your (insert body part you are unhappy with) is
  • She loves to remind you that you’ll never look like your best friend, sister in law, the girl at the coffee shop; basically anyone you’ve ever compared yourself with.

This girl is sending you on the guilt train with absolutely zero destination.

While your inner voice may have a bit of a different dialogue, the tone is overall the same. This usually comes from eating ‘bad’ and the immediate guilt that follows, binge-eating, or having a hard day at work and landing face first into some Chinese food.

My solution? Name your inner voice.

 We should all be naming this B for a myriad of reasons. By naming her, it is a constant reminder that this inner voice is not you. You are not saying terrible, evil things in the back of your mind, nor do YOU believe any of her garbage. When you name her, you are setting a foundation for a healthy relationship with food, as you are able to detach from your thoughts.

It is so much easier to call her by her name and mentally give her the finger, rather than internally wrestle with what you are saying to yourself. It’s well known we are our own worst critics. Meaning, it’s a whole lot easier to ignore what someone is saying to us over ourselves. For some reason, we listen harder when it’s our personal dialogue. 

My inner voice is named Meghan.

When Meghan pipes up, it’s so easy for me to identify that it’s Meghan who is acting up again. When I do that, I am able to quickly realize it’s her, and change my thoughts. When I am calling Meghan out, I am also subconsciously quantifying these negative thoughts with being incorrect – and giving it no more energy than the .1 seconds it deserves.

When you hear these resounding voices in your head? Name her. Next time, you’ll roll your eyes and laugh at your own personal Meghan and keep it moving without a second thought.

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